About Max Attwood

Cinematographer & Editor

Max Attwood brings over 10 years of extensive experience as an award winning cinematographer in the fIlm and television industry. His works being featured on Discovery Channel, History Channel, HBO, A&E, VICE, Vox Media, National Geographic, pitchfork.com, The Science Channel, ESPN, IGN, TSN, Bell Media, and CBC. He has travelled the globe working in some of the most extreme and harsh shooting conditions, from Canada’s high Arctic, deep in the Amazon Jungle, the southern shores of Tierra Del Fuego, Andes, Patagonia & Himalayan mountain ranges and into the Sahara and Gobi Deserts. Documenting austere icebergs and narwhals, jungle tribes, drag queens, trappers, bug-eating survivalists, mixed marital artists, soldiers, visual and musical artists, and professional golf. Attwood’s naturalistic compositions depict the diversity of life unfolding before his gritty eye.

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